The TOP 1 reason why people generally visit the island is to swim with whale sharks. But the remote island offers so much more than that. So here is the list of all our favorites:

Do you already know Holbox? Have you visited some other destinations in the Mexican Caribbean? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have noticed that the color of the water is different in Holbox –but also incredibly beautiful– than other destinations in Quintana Roo, such as Cancun, Playa del Car

Meet and enjoy the best places near Isla Holbox.

Here we will give you our top 10 places and activities to do when visiting Holbox.

Our Greatest Guest is here! With an almost mathematical punctuality, the giant of the seas reaches the beaches of Quintana Roo, like every year for perhaps centuries. Whenever we write about Holbox, we write about the impressive whale shark which reaches our beaches from May 15 to September 15 of each year.

Without any doubt, this is one of the most notable distinctions of Holbox Island. As soon as you arrive, you realize that the streets are really pure white sand, there is no pavement, and this gives the island a rustic touch that makes you feel farther away from your every-day world.

These huge and tender creatures reach the warm waters of Holbox in the middle of the Spring season and they are very punctual. With almost chronometric accuracy they begin to arrive at our sea around May 15 of each year and they stay in these courses until about September 15.

When you come to Holbox, you probably will not want to leave the tranquility of the island and just walk in it and its surroundings, however, if you come for many days, you may want to take the chance and meet some of the interesting and varied nearby sites to which you can come and go the same day. Although there are many more options, we want to give you our Top Three.

One of our main goals as your host is to take care of this paradise, so that every time you visit it you feel happy and at home, that's why we give you the following ecological tips to help us preserve our environment and live your vacations proud that you helped to take care of it. These tips can also be applied at home.

When you come from the city and take vacation in a tropical destination, your skin is probably not used to the heat or the local insects. Holbox is not the exception and very early in the morning and when the sun sets, there are the so called "chaquistes" and mosquitoes.

Holbox is a natural paradise, and as such, the flora and fauna are lush

When the sun falls in Holbox, the sky is painted in wonderful colors

Holbox is an island of Mayan tradition and stories of pirates. Here we bring you three interesting legends. It’s called Yalahau or Conil the body of water that separates Holbox from the mainland, but Yalahau is also called the small spring located on the bank of the lagoon. Its most important towns are Holbox and Chiquilá.

An interesting artistic movement has come to it –as well as other cities in the country and the world– which consists in transform any wall that had no purpose before, in fact, that did not have, so to speak, any charm. Beautiful urban works of art today adorn these walls, located in different points of the small city in the island.

A magic place with beautiful charm, Know Where is ubicated! Holbox Island

A small island, isolated from all the noise, where only the murmur of the surrounding vegetation is heard, this is Island Passion.

The island is located 30 minutes from Holbox, measuring only 60 meters and is named for the great variety of birds that can be seen in their natural environment like ducks, flamingos, pelicans and other species that are even in danger of extinction There are spaces to see and protect them.

Just 30 minutes by boat form Holbox, you will find the Yalahau Cenote (Water Eye), a place with cool waters that, accordin to legend, have stranger properties, because they said that when immersed in them, people will feel like if they were 10 years younger.

When you are a restless traveler and you see pictures of Holbox, surely you will want to travel as soon as possible to know our incredible island. These are the 10 things you should not forget...

Tips to enjoy your stay in Holbox: Enjoy a simpler holiday! Although the island’s hotels have all the amenities of modern life, a few days without T.V. or wired phone will pamper your spirit

It is a matter of pride for us to have grown up and come this far, so that more people around our country and the world would know about the beauties of our beloved island of Holbox. Located in the north of Quintana Roo, this incredible treasure of ..

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The beautiful island of Holbox is home to hundreds of species of birds that inhabit the island and surrounding areas, as well as other migratory birds which in their long trips, spend some time enjoying the splendid areas of jungle, mangrove and lagoons in Holbox. There are some companies that organize tours to precisely enjoy the natural spectacle offered by these wonderful winged and...

In many cities around the world it has become fashionable the street art. First, with beautiful short phrases of poems from both, known authors as well the inhabitants themselves. At the same time, the art of painting the walls was developed, giving each place a certain identity and a different stamp. It is not just the horrible vandal graffiti, but true works...

Holbox is located in the northern of Quintana Roo, just where the world's second largest barrier reef is born (after the Australian one). The Great Maya Reef –or Mesoamerican Reef– runs parallel to the coast of the Mexican Caribbean and has a great diversity of underwater life: multicolored fish, sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins and of course, the consent of Holbox island, the whale shark, are those...

The name "Holbox" comes from the Mayan words "hol", which means hole, and "box", which means black. Together they can be translated as "black hole" and it refers to a beautiful waterhole or springs that is located in the southern of the island. Holbox is a compound of ..

The name "Holbox" comes from the Mayan words "hol", which means hole, and "box", which means black. Together they can be translated as "black hole" and it refers to a beautiful waterhole or springs that is located in the southern of the island. Holbox is a compound of the main island and some small islands that..

The expectations are many, as magazines or advertising show Holbox as a small Paradise on earth. The road from Cancun to Chiquilá is of approximately 2.5 hours, but coming to this small town, the heart begins to exalt. It must be the view of the sea, somewhat different to Cancun’s one..

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